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Just played the NHL 14 demo.

I will admit that I was pretty underwhelmed by the list of improvements they made this year, but playing the demo I am very impressed by what I’m seeing.

-The hitting looks fantastic! Very well done. Too many big collisions, but the demo is their default sliders, so those can be tuned down.
-The fighting is 1000x better. I never fought in NHL games, but now I might actually do it because it’s pretty fun! The players on the ice and on the bench actually stay there now! :lol: I also love that it’s contextual. Dennis Seidenberg NAILED Jonathan Toews in the corner, Sheldon Brookbank thought it was excessive and threw down the gloves immediately. Pretty cool to see.
-I like the one touch dekes, and I like that guys like Handzus and Bollig cannot do them as effectively as Kane and Toews