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Looks like XBox One is already changing it’s tune regarding Always On and used games.

Microsoft reverses ‘always-on’ internet, used game policies

For those that understand this better than me…

So with the new XBox One if we buy a game (say Modern Warfare 8 or whatever) and both my sons want to play it, we buy it twice? Is that what the no households sharing means?

The way I understand it was going to work (up until yesterday) was basically that, once you put/install a copy of the game on to a particular Xbox console, you have to use that console to play that copy of the game and connect to the internet daily to validate the software license; you couldn’t use/install that copy of the game on another Xbox, even if you (or your “household”) own both of the Xboxi.

Ah, so a single xbox still would give multiple accounts access to play? They have made this confusing enough that it is giving me serious pause before I let the kids upgrade.

That’s the way I understand it.

Yeah, the new gen is definitely going to require some research before upgrading.