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It seems like Xbox is becoming more of an entertainment system that also plays games. PS4 may not have some of the bells and whistles but there is a little more under the hood than xbox one. They both have the same amount of Memory (RAM), 8GBs but PS4 is DDR5 and Xbox is DDR3, which isn’t nearly as fast. Also, the XBOX has a lot of stuff running in the background which will be using 3GBs of RAM with only 5GBs dedicated for gaming. Don’t take this the wrong way, both systems will be much more powerful than their predecessor but PS4 seems to be more gamer friendly.

As far as used games go, Xbox games will be tied to your account and you can only sell them if it is someone from your friends list for at least 30 days or an approved vendor. Sony has stated that you will be able to sell and trade games like in the past with no restrictions. However, if there is enough pressure from game developers, I could see Sony moving away from this claim.

Sony and Microsoft will both require a fee for online content, should be about 50$ a year for both.

If you want a system that can seamlessly control most of you multimedia and can play games as well, xbox one will be perfect for you. If you’d rather have a system that is more dedicated for games than PS4 is for you. Since both systems haven’t even hit the market yet, its probably wise to wait and see how things play out before you can say one system is better than the other but right now it seems like PS4 has a slight edge IMO.