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From listening to Video Games Weekly on KFAN (Paul Charchian and some guy from Game Informer Weekly are the hosts), the XBox One is going to be a pretty sweet system.
The Kinect isn’t going to be necessary for game play (you can still sit down and drink beer while playing :dup: ). The Kinect will be able to, however, use voice commands if you want and sounds like it’s a significant upgrade over the current one for those who are using it to play games (they upped the photon-outage and sensitivity so it’s significantly better at reading movements).
They were talking this week about the price point. They both agreed that since XBox went first in their demo and set their price, Sony/PS4 deliberately undercut the price as a selling point because Sony is in such a massive struggle overall with their money.

One other interesting aspect that the XBox One has that PS4 doesn’t is an HDMI input/output. It’s possible to connect your cable/satellite through your XBox and use your voice to change channels, record shows, etc. and even connect your PS4 to your XBox and run your PS4 through your XBox :shock:

One thing PS4 used to have as a selling point was free online play. That will no longer be true.