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So based on what I have gathered so far, XBox One wants me to be connected online 24/7, wants to Kinect to always be listening to me, wants me to run all my devices (direcTV and such) through the XBox, wants to make sure I cannot play used games or loan them to friends who I am not “online firends” with for less than 30 days…

I dont play games online, period. No interest. I am only connected online so I can get the game/roster/system updates. I cannot afford to spend $60 on games so I wait to buy them used for $25, $30 a few months after they come out. Or borrow from a friend first to see if I even want to buy it. I hate motion based games, I just want to sit on my couch with a controller and a beer and play some games.

Anyone care to tell me why I would want to buy this system at all???? Not to mention it being $100 more than PS4. I dont plan on buying either system until a year or 2 down the road when they drop in price, but what on earth on the selling points FOR the XBox One? Neither one is backwards compatible so it doesnt matter which system I had previously.