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@Sioux/Bucky Hater wrote:

My son wants to buy an Xbox 1. He has the 360. What’s the difference? Is it worth the $$? Are the games compatible? Are the new games $60 like the 360? Any insights? I’d like to say no, but it is his money. Whatever help you have, I thank you.

I would wait until more reviews come out before purchasing. Xbox 1 is experiencing disk drive issues and PS4 is having hdmi port issues. It’s a small percentage but still a hassle. Plus both systems don’t really have impressive games tha have come out yet. The xbox is more expensive than the PS4 because it requires a camera in order to operate. If his friends are on xbox, I’d stick with that system however.

It’s better to wait until the first of the year IMO. I will be getting a PS4 come mid January, only because I don’t want to pay an extra 100$ for a stupid camera. Both systems are massive upgrades from their previous versions.