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Anybody playing ACIII? Any impressions?

Pretty sure I will be getting it from Santa this year :mrgreen:

A buddy of mine has finished it twice and is on his third time through.
I sampled it a couple times at his house and gotta admit, it’s almost making me want to stop playing Halo 4 so I can finish ACI and ACII and go buy ACIII. It is pretty badass.

You were right. ACIII is awesome :mrgreen:

Love running through the trees and assassinating people.

I also got FIFA 13, so I have a lot of gaming to do over break :lol:

I decided to treat myself and get FIFA 13, ACIII, and NBA 2K13 (I hadn’t bought a game in forever). NBA2k13 is pretty slick. It’s almost too realistic at times. I’m a PG drafted by the Rockets and obviously I get a lot of playing time in lieu of Lin. Whenever I get moved over to SG and he’s on the court, he rarely passes to me. I swear, the game accurately reflects intrateam issues. It’s pretty awesome.

For whatever reason, I got bored of FIFA 13 really quick. It’s not nearly as dynamic as some of the other soccer games I’ve played. I was pretty shocked how quickly I put down the controller. Obviously all sports games are the same thing over and over. But games like NBA2k13 and MLB The Show I didn’t bore get bored with this quickly.

I still have yet to play ACIII.