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I’m a Mario Kart guy…. I just like fun game play with others and MK has always been a blast for me.

We break out the N64 probably every other month and play Mario Kart for about a week straight. Such a great game :dup:

Love the N64 & Wii version…. Though Rainbow Road on the original SNES version is still THE most difficult track. Damn I fell off of it a lot!

The Wii we bought for our kids for Christmas we made sure we got Mario Kart so we could relive the old days!! I agree Jup that it’s just a simple game that is fun!

Every day after class at college I’d go to my buddy’s house and we’d play Mario Kart and occasionally Super Smash Brothers in for an hour or so to unwind from classes and crap. It was a blast. We played N64 version for Mario Kart and usually played the Wii version for Smash. It was an absolute blast. The Rainbow Road on Wii was so insanely difficult. I fell off way too much. My buddy had a regional record for about a month for his track time on Rainbow Road.