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Black Ops II anyone?

I didn’t buy it, but I’m curious if anyone did and what they think of it. I might buy it if the zombies are good(I hated Blops zombies), otherwise I hate the multiplayer on Blops.

My roommate got it this morning. I’ll be interested to see how I like it. I didn’t like MW3 at all, it was just boring to me. Maybe I’m just burned out on the series after the ungodly amount of time I put into MW2 freshman year :lol:

MW3 was ok, I didn’t hate it. The first Blops was terrible, IMO. Which is why I didn’t rush out to pre-order Blops II. Still love MW2, I still play that every once in awhile.

I liked MW3 a lot for a while. The maps for multiplayer were pretty weak (only 3-4 maps I really liked). MW2 was fantastic.
Black Ops was such a massive disappointment for me that I will not be purchasing it until I get significant time to test BO 2, especially since I still have (and play) MW3 and just bought Halo 4.