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My roommate got it. He played it the other night for literally about an hour and then turned it off so he wouldn’t sit up all night playing it. I don’t understand the premise of the game, I just enjoy watching him play and asking him to kill random people for my entertainment. :lol:

I’m strongly considering going to buy the first Assassin’s Creed this weekend and playing it.

I bet my roommate has it…..maybe I’ll steal his and try it.

The first assassins creed sucks IMO. I would start with the second one and just read about the first.

Agreed. Read the plot of the first game on wiki and start with ACII.

The original AC was fun for the first half but EVERY mission consisted of this:

-Pickpocket someone
-Eavesdrop on a conversation
-Return home and relay the information you heard

It got very, very redundant. ACII, however, is an awesome game.