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I remember back in 2006 that Bungee said H3 would be the last in the main sequence. The day I heard that I called BS. I knew it was only a matter of when H4 came out. I was laughed at because I thought H4 was inevitable.

My buddy owes me 20 bucks. I told him that there would without a doubt be a Halo 4. He didn’t believe me. Nobody in their right mind would see that franchise making that much money every time they release a new game and say “Meh, we don’t need a Halo 4 or the billions of dollars it will make for us.”

I’m confident I made a bet as well. Don’t remember the person or the amount though…

Not to ruin your bets, but Bungie isn’t making Halo 4. Once they broke away from Micro$oft, they agreed to make ODST and Reach, but Micro$oft’s company, 343i, is making the new Halo trilogy.

I didn’t say Bungie would make Halo 4. I just said there would be a H4.
Much like the different Call of Duty games have been made by different providers.