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Where do you guys usually go to buy your games?

Wherever they’re cheapest, haha…

Good bets are Gamestop, Best Buy, and Target. Check the ads, a lot of games go on sale or have gift card bonuses!


Best Buy, Amazon, Target usually.

Definitely watch the ads and see if some cheap stuff pops up any of those places. I have had luck on EBay finding some cheap games if you are willing to wait it out and find the right one to bid on.

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Got an N64 for myself for Christmas… there has never and will never be a better football video game than NFL Blitz. Also, Mario Kart 64 is still super super fun. As is Starfox. Old video games FTW!

No doubt on this one. NFL Blitz was great and nothing beats (drunken) 4 person Mario Kart 64 races/battles.