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I get that the Wii is a step below the X or PS but it’s the sitting down and playing part that I haven’t been able to grasp onto again. Tiger on the Wii is every bit as good as it was on the XBOX but I got bored. :(

Yeah, I’ll give you that for Tiger Woods–that game was pretty fun on the Wii. However, I would give some other, more mature games a try–deeper games. Give the deep RPGs a chance (that means playing through the first ten hours, as those are typically the slower or more boring portions of the game), or something with a meaningful story, etc.

I heard Skyrim is a game that would be ideal for what Rowsh is saying. I don’t know if you would be totally lost without having played the previous versions of that franchise but everything I’ve ever heard about Skyrim is fantastic.

Skyrim is AWESOME. I’ve never played any of the Elder Scrolls games, and you are correct, it is not necessary to play any of the previous games.

I am about 30 hours into the game, and am just barely scratching the surface of everything the game has to offer!

I know some people can be intimidated by a game that massive, but it is a very accessible game. Feels like a game that I will be able to have for a very long time (number of years) and keep coming back to play it.