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At some point something turned and video games lost my interest. (before anyone gets this take wrong, I don’t begrudge anyone that plays them I did for years). I used to love sitting down to Madden, or Tiger Woods or NHL. I never really got into any RP or FPS games for some reason (other than Counter-Strike on a PC) and I’ve tried to sit down with the kids’ Wii and play a game or two and for some reason I can’t do it anymore. I have no idea why and I miss it a bit.

To be honest, that’s your problem, haha… As the years have gone by, there have been very few quality Wii games.


My mom has gotten us crappy Wii games for Christmas the last few years. Games like this:

That Mom’s think look really fun for the kids, get played on Christmas day and NEVER again :lol: