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OK, I was given an XBox 360 (250GB) console for a gift. I’m obviously going to get NHL 2012. What else?

What kind of games do you like? Sports, FPS, RPG, strategy…?

I am not sure since I haven’t been much of a gamer in 20 years and that was generally limited to sports games. I did play a FPS on my PC a number of years ago (I was some sort of James Bond like assassin I think) and I would occasionally get a little dizzy from all the movement. Guess I was too close to the computer screen or something. ha

I’d probably like all the things you mention but simply don’t know enough to judge. I do like spy stuff and sports. I could get into the fantasy or Star Wars kind of stuff too.

Sounds like you have a pretty wide ranging interest in games. I’d also recommend what rowshkex said. Look for the “greatest hits” games that are good enough to gain the status of “greatest hits” but are about $30-$40 cheaper than regular games.

I’d highly recommend:
-NHL series (2012 seems to be the latest incarnation but it is a typical sports game in that it’s very similar to the previous incarnation)
-NCAA Football series (2012 is the latest, I have 2011 and it’s amazing)
-Red Dead Redemption (mix of RPG and RPS/3rd Person Shooter, spectacular game)
-If you like RPGs, you can NOT go wrong with Final Fantasy

-You can’t really go wrong with the latest Halo if you like multiplayer FPSes.
-Elder Scrolls is an RPG that has gotten spectacular reviews but I haven’t played the series
-FIFA 12 if you like soccer at all (but soccer games historically have the most complicated controls schemes of any games out there)

Check this site for reviews: http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/index.html” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false;

I trust it more than any other site. Metacritic is also pretty good.