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OK, I was given an XBox 360 (250GB) console for a gift. I’m obviously going to get NHL 2012. What else?

What kind of games do you like? Sports, FPS, RPG, strategy…?

I am not sure since I haven’t been much of a gamer in 20 years and that was generally limited to sports games. I did play a FPS on my PC a number of years ago (I was some sort of James Bond like assassin I think) and I would occasionally get a little dizzy from all the movement. Guess I was too close to the computer screen or something. ha

I’d probably like all the things you mention but simply don’t know enough to judge. I do like spy stuff and sports. I could get into the fantasy or Star Wars kind of stuff too.

I’d recommend Portal 2 if you are into puzzle type games. It’s extremely fun and fairly addictive.