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I think one of the hidden gems in this game is the fact that you can hear the mic of the person you just killed. You can hear some pretty funny stuff. Most of them not fit for print :lol: :lol: :lol:

I was playing online with my brother last night, we had our headsets on and I taught him this. He and I had always muted people in the party that had mics on because they are usually really annoying. I stopped after you posted this because its so priceless sometimes!

I have also made an effort to not get too worked up when I have my mic on. :lol:

Which game is this? I told this to my son who has the new COD because I thought that was it. He said he doesn’t hear anything from others. Is this actually a Battlefield feature?

No it’s COD MW3. But they have to have their mic on, you can’t mute them and they can’t mute you and it is usually quite brief (1-2 seconds tops).
That said, it’s :censored: ing hilarious some of the comments I get when I’m sniping (Yeah, I’m that guy).
I’m just glad I don’t have a headset anymore or people would probably say the same thing about me!

You son of a…. :chainsaw: :censored: :lol: