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I’m loving the Type 95. 3 shot burst AR that can kill with one burst at distance if you land them all. I have the 2 attachments proficiency on there with a silencer and rapid fire and I’ve been doing very well with it (for me). Now I just need to unlock Scavenger (I’m almost there) so I can stop running out of ammo.

Right now I am using the CM901 for long distance and the UMP for when I want to run n’ gun.

I have heard the SCAR is really good as well.

I was never a fan of the burst guns, like the M16 in MW2, but I might give the Type 95 a try in this game to see if I can succeed with it.

Yeah I used the SCAR to get up to level 32 and unlock the Type 95.

I’m an assault rifle junkie mostly due to the fact that I lose more than 50% of the close up 1v1 gun battles. I need to move slowly and cautiously up the map and hit from a distance. I’ve been using marksman with this class and it really really helps because you can identify enemies (red name above them) from so far away half the time I can’t even really see the body I just know someone is there and can either spray and pray or squint really hard and see if I can find them!

Also now that I am unlocking all the better perks, I am finding that the “Specialist” class is really awesome. You get an additional perk of your choice at pointstreaks of 2, 4, and 6 and then if you get an 8 pointstreak you get literally every single perk in the game… it’s pretty cool. I start off with hardline making it 1, 3, 5, 7 so I get my first additional perk at my first “point”… considering I like to play a lot of domination and you get the free cap at the beginning I typically start with 4 perks right off the bat. It’s also really easy to build pointstreaks in kill confirmed with the kill and then picking up the tags. The other nice thing is you can decide what order you get the extra perks, so I don’t get scavenger until I have a 3 pointstreak because I typically wouldn’t need it before then anyways.