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The split screen multiplayer is nice, my roommate c an play on his gamertag while I play on mine. It’s pretty nice!

How do you do this? I was trying to do it the other night on my friend’s PS3 so I could play under my gamer tag but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Is it just an XBox thing or am I missing something or what?

I’m sure you can do it on PS3 as well. I don’t know how to do it on PS3 so I will just run through the process on 360 and hopefully that helps.

We had to recover his gamertag on my xbox, because you aren’t allowed to have your XBL account on more than one xbox at one time. Once his gamertag was imported (easy process, just type in username/password, and it imports it), we booted up the game while I was signed in. when you go into multiplayer, before you go into any lobbies, it should say “press A (X in ps3 case) to add player”, or something to that effect. Hit A, and the sign in screen pops up, he signs in with his gamertag, and then it shows both of us in a party together on that screen.

I did a little digging and it looks like PS3 doesn’t have that option. From what I understand there is an option on XBox where you press “A” to join and it asks if you want to play as a guest or log in to a different account. When we have tried it on PS3 it just automatically makes the second user a guest. :anger: :anger: :anger: