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@theskillz wrote:

BF3 here, on the PC. Love the return of 64-player maps and the ability to go prone. Don’t get me in a helicopter or plane, though. I cannot fly. It’s rather hilarious when I try.

For those of you who have played this, perhaps you’ll agree with me that Operation Metro in Conquest mode is without question one of the funniest things to play. It always turns into a standoff at the escalators with millions of rounds of ammo being expended.

Agreed. On all of it. :D

I can handle flying the fighter, but the helicopter is well beyond my skills set. Operation Metro does always seem to end by the escalators…and one should never…ever…venture out of the subway station if you start there. There’s always some jack :censored: camping in one of the apartments with a sniper rifle.

My favorite feature seems to come up in the Caspian Border map…where teams start out with an inventory of vehicles to take onto the battlefield. It’s a blast to pick between the tanks, dune buggies, helicopters and fighters. Such a well-done game…