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There’s gotta be some gamers on GPL :good2:

We went to Pre-order MW3 today, and my roommate impulse bought Battlefield 3 also. It’s pretty sweet so far. I’m super pumped for COD to come out though.

Also been playing a lot of FIFA 12 and NHL 12.

If we spent as much time doing homework as we did playing the 360 we could probably have our PhD’s right now :lol:

What are you guys playing?

The week I was in Sioux Falls looking for jobs was also enjoyed by playing a lot of Donkey Kong Country on SNES :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I’m pretty excited for MW3. I was pretty let down by Black Ops, at least in the multiplayer mode (the campaign mode was awesome).

I never play campaign mode, I only play the multiplayer and I totally agree that I thought Black Ops was a letdown. I stopped playing it months ago. I don’t know about 360 users, but I know on PS Network it felt really lagged when I played Black Ops online. I went back to playing MW2 to gear up for MW3 coming out….so pumped :D I preordered at Target and you get a card for your reservation and you get a $5 gift card when you purchase the game. I don’t know what the deals are like for preordering anywhere else. Just an FYI.

EDIT: My buddies and I are big on the zombies, but that was also a letdown on Black Ops. We were so excited when it came out but I was thoroughly disappointed. My brother and I still frequently play World at War zombies :lol: