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As a 40-something dad with very little knowledge of gaming systems, I’m starting to get requests from my kids to upgrade from their Wii. Since they aren’t being specific in what they want I’m curious as to what system people prefer, Xbox or PS3. Aside from the blue-ray on the PS3 is one system “better” than the other? What are the main pros and cons of each and generally are all games available for both platforms? I’d appreciate your opinions. Thanks!

I have had an XBox for 4-5 years for my own personal gaming, and one day my parents went out to buy a blu-ray player, but the salesman talked them into getting a PS3 instead of just a blu-ray player (SO glad he did :lol: ), so I have used both systems quite a bit, although I have logged TONS more hours on the 360.

The XBox Live network is better than the PSN network in my opinion, and the Red Ring of Death issue has been virtually solved in the new 360’s from what I have heard, so that’s not really a valid concern anymore. Positives for the PS3 include the controllers, they don’t take batteries, you plug them into the PS3 and that charges them, I’m still bitter that 360 can’t do this. And obviously the blu-ray player, from what I have read it’s one of the best blu-ray players out there.

One of the main reasons I have a 360 is because virtually all of my friends have 360’s, and I wanted to play online with them, and because I like the 360 controller layout and size 100x better than the PS3 controller.

So if your kids (or you) aren’t really looking to play with friends online, I would say PS3 is probably the better choice. Plus, if you get the PS3 for the kids, you get to reap the benefits of having a blu-ray player. :D

But you can’t really go wrong, either way. Both are very solid systems.