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So I will be purchasing MW3 and I know that it was mentioned above, but I am thinking about doing a pre-order and am wondering how all that goes down. Who has done it from Best Buy, Target, Wal-mart, etc…? Any help is appreciated.

We just pre-ordered at Gamestop. Super easy.

Just walk in, say what console you want to pre-order it for, and they will hook you up. You can even pay for it when you pre-order it so all you have to do on Tuesday is walk in, pick it up, and be on your way!

Pretty much the same process everywhere else. Some places also offer “bonuses” (in game stuff), so you can browse around and see if any of those interest you, as well.

I pre-ordered Black Ops last year at GameStop. As mentioned, extremely easy. Walk in, give them your name, they give you the game, walk out.
I’ve also pre-ordered from Target in years past. They usually offer a 5 dollar gift card with the pre-order, which is nice, but they are never open at midnight for a midnight pick-up if you’re interested in that.

Gamestop is very easy. I did that last year for Black Ops. Like my above post said, I am doing Target this year. I’m not too worried about getting it by midnight or whatever. I’m not enough of a hardcore gamer to stay up all night and still have to work Tuesday morning or take work off. :lol: So I will just grab it after work that day and play it all night.