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Steve MNSteve MN
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I’ve been a guest on streams a few times using StreamYard, and it works really well. The live chat will show up in StreamYard for you (and your guests), but Facebook comments will just show “Facebook user” as the name posting it. Comments in the YouTube stream chat will show up in StreamYard with the YT name normally.

In StreamYard, the host can select the message on the chat, and it brings it up on screen on the stream. You’ll need to either click on another message to move to show that one, or click on the original message again to stop showing it to everyone.

Also, the tagging of names that happens in YT chat won’t be highlighted in StreamYard, so when we do an @Gopher Puck Live to get your attention, that won’t come through to StreamYard as a highlight (the post itself will)