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Cowgirl wrote:

Jupiter wrote:

Holy cow… I was NOT SOBER after drinking an entire bottle of wine on an empty stomach during overtime of the podcast tonight.

Well, you didn’t really act like you were drunk (speaking from experience of maybe having had an entire bottle of wine before…) :lol:

King is a hoot. I watched that hockey parent hall of fame video – it reminds me of a a few times with our old road trip crew back in the day…

Always a blast watching, thanks @Jupiter and @Vegoe.

Hope the headaches aren’t too bad today. ;)

I have not seen / heard the podcast yet but I’m not surprised Mr. King did not disappoint. I’ll get to it over the weekend……looking forward to it!

On his latest podcast he mentioned a follow-up project to “hockey parent hall of fame” video. I believe he said the title was “the real housewives of holiday cards”…….that oughta be fun.

many thanks for having him on the show!