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A way for YOU to participate on the GPL Podcast….

I have setup a Google Voice phone number for GPL. The idea being that you can call that number and leave us a voicemail. In that voicemail you can ask us a question. Suggest a topic for us to talk about. Or even give us feedback…. I would then include those messages in the podcast itself. So your actual recording will be put on the air and we would then discuss what you wanted us to talk about. By using Google voice, it also may allow us to even do like call in shows in the future as well. Almost like a fan line type of show after games. We’ll see.

So give us a call and leave us a message, maybe it will make it on to the air? You can call with your phone or through Google Voice on your computer or via mobile app.

GPL Podcast Line # (320) 321-9584

(320 area code was the closest number that I could get to the Twin Cities)