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I know there are a ton of apps…. But how do you actually subscribe to a podcast? I store it on the GPL server and I have an rss feed so that iTunes knows what to do. But I have no clue what to do for Android.

Ok. Here’s what I did but it’s not working yet.

1. I installed one of the POD players. Podkicker is what I chose. It’s free.
2. I went to the Podcast page on my android browser and selected the latest podcast.
3. Podkicker was a choice for launch so I then selected that.
4. Podkicker then offered to subscribe to the Podcast, but when I hit subscribe it said “invalid feed”.

So, I think what I need is the URL of the RSS feed for the Podcast and I’m good to go.

Yeah I’m pretty sure you need the URL, Google Listen used to be a good free app for subscribing to podcasts, but they pulled the plug on that app.

Edit: PodKast is also a free app for subscribing to podcasts.