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So during the Anchorage series a few weeks ago we broadcasted live during the games. From the feedback I received, people seemed entertained by the broadcast. So I would love to do it more. Now doing for the Anchorage series is one thing, but doing it for other road games is another… The thing is that I would like to actually watch the road games on TV, not be worried about a live broadcast. The AA series is worked just because it was on the radio only.

So I was thinking that we could maybe do a post game broadcast during the road TV games if people are interested in listening in. It could maybe be a “whine line” of sorts. I don’t know. We could possibly have GPL’ers call in via Skype and give their feedback on the game. Or it could be a group of use talking like we did a few weeks ago.

What are your thoughts GPL’ers? We have the capability to broadcast live. What should we do with that capability beyond the live podcasts on Tuesday nights? Let me know what you think.