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@Jupiter wrote:

I may actually test out the live broadcast this weekend for AA games. I may just have a few of you with Skype join in for a live discussion during the games.

Okay…. Looking for a few people to be part of a live discussion this weekend during the games. It will be a good test of the live broadcast.

So it would be ideal if 3-5 (maybe more) GPL’ers could get on Skype tonight and be part of this test. Just add my username to your contacts and I will confirm you. Then be on Skype later on and I we’ll give this a try.

My Skype ID: jupitergpl

I am “online” right now, but I am only on my iPod touch. So either add me or post your Skype ID and I will add you. I am really looking for GPL “regulars” to do this. So if I don’t really know you here, I will probably not add you.

FYI…. I purchased the WireTap Anywhere software a few minutes ago. So I should be good to go when I get home tonight.