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@Jupiter wrote:

Can I get some of the your thoughts on this?
Would you tune in at 9:30pm on Tuesday nights to listen and participate?

First off, thanks for reading my question during this week’s cast. :good2: As for the live broadcast = Love the idea. Start with the live broadcasts, then work your way up to the remote broadcasts at Campus Pizza! To answer your question, I don’t know if I could listen live every week due to kids’ stuff going on, but if it’s a quiet night I would certainly ask to be one of the 100 people that could listen in. I also have a Skype account, so if Hammy & Ryan are ever not available and you want an Average Joe’s opinion on the team (via DirecTv at 440 miles away) I’m your guy! I would even promise to not compare anyone on this year’s team to Chris Harrington…even if they did deserve it *cough* thompson *cough*!

edit: nominal donation on its way next payday.