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Is there any interest in listening to the podcast live while we record it?

There is a free audio streaming service called “mixlr”, that allows up to 100 listeners at a time. I figure that people could listen live and go to the GPL chat to give feedback. While broadcasting we could monitor the live chat and maybe take your questions or talk about some topics you may want to hear about.

Now I am not sure if all of this is feasible on my home computer. I am thinking that I would need to purchase WireTap Anywhere in order to pull this off. This would allow me to combined the Skype audio as well as my own audio in to one source so I can send the feed out. But I could also use this software to have the ability to play audio during the podcast so that Hammy & Cardinal can also hear it. (Now taking donations to help pay for it)…. But I think there is a good chance we could pull off a live broadcast.

Can I get some of the your thoughts on this?
Would you tune in at 9:30pm on Tuesday nights to listen and participate?