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Bertogliat wrote:

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Bertogliat wrote:

I’ve got 2 boys in peewees this year and wow.

I have one in PWA and the other in PWC. My PWC kid is in the middle of 23 practices or games in 25 days and 30 of last 34. Some of these are 2 events in one night. Thankfully for him he had a blister on his foot and was able to sit a few out. But wow.

It’s interesting. I am the scrimmage coordinator for the team. I have been adding games as needed, but it sometimes fills a void in the schedule that they probably need for a night off. Might be time to cancel a practice or two to give the boys a break.

How are they paying officials for scrimmages now? When I did youth hockey this was always an issue. Since it isn’t paid by league/association, the teams were supposed to pay the officials.

When I started, we wouldn’t get on the ice until we had checks, but people complained about not being able to find the officials room and/or not feeling comfortable going in.

Fine, we won’t drop the puck until we have checks. Then people complained that you shouldn’t get paid for work you haven’t done yet. Had a team treasurer literally yell “that’s not the way the real world works kid!” At me.

So we had to wait until after the game to get paid. Then it’s amazing the excuses that come up;

– forgot the checkbook

– treasurer is home sick/already left

– haven’t collected enough money from the parents yet

– we paid for the ice, visitor was supposed to pay you

– we agreed to pay a different amount than what you are asking for, we will have to get back to you.

– then chasing some of the checks and getting NSF fees… :chainsaw:

I hated chasing my paychecks and ultimately stopped accepting scrimmages.

I haven’t been involved with USA Hockey for several years. Hopefully they figured something out by now.

We have to pay by credit card at the time of booking. Like checking out at Amazon, only with refs.

Refs are paid fairly well. $50-80 each for the scrimmage. Some refs will work 4 games in a day.

District 6 and 8 you get paid by check before the game. I have two scrimmages tonight. Checks will be waiting for me at the scorers table. Rates for tonights games are $37 and $40, Squirt B and Peewee B for an hour. Rates are all posted on the district sites (at least for 6 and 8).