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Little bit of a rant coming here… :rantonoff:

Jr. is playing AAA this season. Pool play tournaments all summer long. I’ve seen this a few times and I have hated it every time, even when it benefits our team. 2 points for a win, but you get an additional point for a shutout. Why? “Oh you really embarrassed the other team 6-0, so you deserve an extra point in the standings.” :roll: I just don’t understand the point of doing this. Anyone have any knowledge or even logic why this gets done? Most tournaments don’t have this so why do some decide to do this?

Both teams finished pool play 2-1 overall. The other team got a shutout in one of their wins and got the bonus point in their first round. Second round Jr.’s team beats them pretty handily but not a shutout. Final round Jr. plays the last team and gets the win, but not a shutout. So the team Jr beat easily goes to the championship only because of the shutout. And of course they go on to win the championship. The team was really down about this so I think that messed with their heads going into the 3rd place game, which they ended up losing in OT. So they lost out on a trophy because one team couldn’t score one goal in a blowout loss against a different team. Weird.

The only thing I can think of is they are trying to give benefit to a team to also play good defense and not just pin their ears back and score as many goals as possible. It seems to go against my kid’s teams more than it helps. So I’ve had similar frustrations. It is most frustrating when you play that last-place team for your third game of the weekend on short rest while the team you’re battling against for the championship game played them well rested.

We played a regular season association tourney in either Detroit Lakes or Fargo this year that gave bonus points for a shutout.

Every year my kid plays in the Shock Dr Shootout for AAA. Check out these goofy ass rules……


•Each game is worth a maximum of 10 points.

•Six points for winning the game during regulation time, three (3) points each for a tie.

•Two (2) points for winning the pre-game shootout. If there is a tie in the shootout then each team receives one (1) point.

•One (1) point for six (6) penalties or less (this bonus point can be awarded to both teams if they qualify). Minor penalties are

considered one penalty. A major penalty is considered two penalties in this bonus point system. Misconduct penalty is considered

two penalties.

•One (1) point for shutout (this may be awarded to both teams if there is no score after regulation time in round-robin play).

•Point system and shootout are only for pool play of the tournament. Once teams are seeded there are no longer shootouts or unique

point system. Seeded games are regulation games with over time eligibility

Now that you mention it, junior gold playdowns did have some weird rules too. Just looked them up. They had the dumb shutout rule too.

*Six points shall be awarded for a win.

*Three points shall be awarded to each team for a tie.

*One point shall be awarded for a shutout.

*One point shall be awarded for each goal scored, up to a max of 3 points/game