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Bertogliat wrote:

I’ve got 2 boys in peewees this year and wow.

I have one in PWA and the other in PWC. My PWC kid is in the middle of 23 practices or games in 25 days and 30 of last 34. Some of these are 2 events in one night. Thankfully for him he had a blister on his foot and was able to sit a few out. But wow.

It’s interesting. I am the scrimmage coordinator for the team. I have been adding games as needed, but it sometimes fills a void in the schedule that they probably need for a night off. Might be time to cancel a practice or two to give the boys a break.

Well, everyone talks about “ice touches” but for that level you would be better off cancelling the scrimmages for a night off in lieu of cancelling a practice….but that does seem like ALOT of practices.