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fightclub30 wrote:

MNGophers29 wrote:

Didn’t I see the new rule about penalty length too? 12-17 minute period games would be 90 second

That is optional by association/state I believe, and I hadn’t heard if MN Hockey adopted it or not.

You want to talk about slower games, that’s one way to do it… It is hard to enough to get volunteer time keepers** to get up a 2:00 penalty “Hit Player/Penalty, enter, enter, enter” and 2:00 goes up. If they have to enter 1:45, 1:30 for penalties… oh boy, cant wait for that. Outside of that, I don’t have any issue with it.

**There are a bunch of parents who are only there because they have to; they’re chatting and forget to stop the clock, forget to start the clock, can’t put up penalties, don’t know coincidental don’t go up, etc. but then get upset with the officials if they think an offsides was missed, haha. In fairness, there are a handful of all-star parent clock operators who would have the penalties up on the clock before the player sat down in the box, had the stopwatch on their phones ready to go for timeouts, etc. It was always fun to explain a 7:00 penalty, haha. Major gets served first by rule, he cannot come out until 7:00 is up, or a goal is scored in the last 2:00 (if still shorthanded). The strange look you get every time, you can see the gears turning in their heads haha.

It looks like MN Hockey did adopt the 90 second penalty for 12-17 minute periods. However, I was looking at the D10 rule changes this year and they moved several levels to 90 minute games with 17 minute stop time periods BB1, PWAA, PWA, PWB1, 15U A/B, 12U A/B for instance. The levels that do not play 90 minute games (PWB2 and PWC, all squirts, etc) will still play 60 min periods, but they change the periods to be 17 min run times (periods 1&2) with the 3rd period modified to fit within the remaining time of ice. So for D10 all games will have 17 minute periods and thus use 2 min minor penalty times.

The one goofy caveat is in the 60 min games, the periods are 17 min run time EXCEPT during penalties, at which time the game will be stop time. This is going to mess the time keepers up a LOT and there will be some pissed off people when the clock isn’t stopped during a penalty.

I have one kid who will play 90 min games and one who will play 60 min games so I’ll be bouncing back and forth on the rules. Please Lord don’t let me fail… :lol:

From MN Hockey

A pro-rated schedule for minor penalties was established based on period length. For periods 12-minutes or less, the minor penalty length shall be 1:00. The minor penalty time shall be 1:30 for more than 12 and less than 17-minute periods and 2:00 for periods 17- minutes in length or greater. Per an allowed affiliate exception, Minnesota Hockey determined all minor penalties at the Bantam/15U level and up will be 2:00 in penalty time regardless of period length.