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**There are a bunch of parents who are only there because they have to; they’re chatting and forget to stop the clock, forget to start the clock, can’t put up penalties, don’t know coincidental don’t go up, etc. but then get upset with the officials if they think an offsides was missed, haha. In fairness, there are a handful of all-star parent clock operators who would have the penalties up on the clock before the player sat down in the box, had the stopwatch on their phones ready to go for timeouts, etc. It was always fun to explain a 7:00 penalty, haha. Major gets served first by rule, he cannot come out until 7:00 is up, or a goal is scored in the last 2:00 (if still shorthanded). The strange look you get every time, you can see the gears turning in their heads haha.

I’d like to think I’m one of those All-Star parent clock operators by now. I enjoy running the clock and occasionally sign up for it even when I don’t need the volunteer hours. That said, I still get humbled a few times a year when I get distracted and forget to start the clock back up after a stoppage… especially if it happens to be a power play. Nothing like a hundred angry parents yelling “START THE CLOCK!” at you. :)

I did this a couple of years ago and added 30 seconds or so to our team’s penalty. It nearly cost us a goal. I felt terrible.

It happens everywhere. Just stand up and take a bow.

That’s why I like announcing. I purposely put emphasis on certain names or pronounce them a certain way that I know people will talk about.

A few years back my kid’s team played against a team with a bunch of buddies on it. One kid’s name was Reece. I called him Rice all game. Another kid was a Spiewak (Spee-Wack) and I called him (Spy-whack). Helps to be good friends with the parents, but the kids get a bigger kick out of it. I have never heard my last name pronounced correctly and my family and I still laugh about it..