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Vegoe wrote:


I guess the tag-up offsides rule makes sense to keep applying on up as most of the kids have always played that way at this point. It does encourage players to handle the puck more rather than just dump it into the zone. I agree with this too and it works for association hockey. Kids are remarkable at adjusting to it from summer hockey too

I guess I understand taking away icing the puck shorthanded… as why would you make it easier to kill off a penalty… but I don’t know if that’s ever going to be called at the higher levels of hockey that way, so it’s a tough one for me. Definitely promotes players to play with more skill though. Again, its been a rule at the lower levels without issue. Forces more offense and kids to protect the puck better

I like faceoffs for power plays always starting in the offensive zone. Agree with this one too

I just hope that the major/game rules don’t change the way games are called. I’ve seen possible majors called as minors just to avoid the harshness of the penalty. Same

Didn’t I see the new rule about penalty length too? 12-17 minute period games would be 90 second [mention]fightclub30[/mention]

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