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I am just finishing up my first year reffing and will have about 200 games reffed in that year. [mention]fightclub30[/mention] is spot on. Summer hockey is the wild wild west. Not once was I close to ejecting a kid or coach during the winter. As soon as Summer hockey started the crap started and I ejected several coaches and one player. The player I ejected because he said I was “a f**king terrible ref”. I do believe that a large part of it is that the parents pay way more money for summer than the winter and they all think little Johny is the next first rounder going to the NHL and the coaches all feel that they are coaching in game 7 of the Stanley Cup. My 13 year old also reffed this summer and is not totally sure he wants to keep going because of all the crap. My 16 year old loves it and wants to keep going.

As far as getting started, my home district is the good ol boys club. I reffed way more games in the neighboring district because they have one scheduler for all associations. Also each district has step ratings that you need to go thru to become qualified to do upper level games. That needs to be sped up or find a different process for some refs or they do lose interest when all they are getting scheduled are U10B games.