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Tiggsy wrote:

I keep getting emails for Jr. to attend “exposure” camps. Are these a scam? I don’t know they just sound fishy. Maybe a way for junior programs to find kids? I don’t know. Any experience? Some sound like they might be fun showcases just to play some games, but being billed as exposure seems a little misleading.

Not doing any this summer as Jr. will be a sophomore and moving into high school hockey next year and is going to his school’s summer program.

I can’t speak to the hockey version of these camps but the baseball ones are usually a decent way to get exposure if they’re being run by an actual organization. Lots of area scouts attend camps run by colleges and club teams for baseball.

The USHL camps are scouted by college coaches, but they cast the net pretty big in order to get enough kids to fill up the rosters and make the event worthwhile for the staff. These things are focused on their ‘drafted’ players and evaluating where they could fit. If a kid isn’t one of those drafted players, then they’re probably better of sticking to their school’s summer program. If they really wanted to make a leap, then exploring like MAP Hockey, Fortis Hockey, MEGA Goaltending or 1st Athlete depending on fit are probably better than the experience of one of these exposure camps.


Always interesting to see the USHL perspective on 150 15-year-olds and also see who the WHL thinks they can land.