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Tiggsy wrote:

I keep getting emails for Jr. to attend “exposure” camps. Are these a scam? I don’t know they just sound fishy. Maybe a way for junior programs to find kids? I don’t know. Any experience? Some sound like they might be fun showcases just to play some games, but being billed as exposure seems a little misleading.

Not doing any this summer as Jr. will be a sophomore and moving into high school hockey next year and is going to his school’s summer program.

I don’t think they are a scam, but I think some of these places got their hands on email address ago local organizations this past year. My kid was a 08 PWAA Goalie this past year and I have gotten emails for USHL Futures Camps from 2-3 different teams, stuff from other academies that I have never reached out to or would have any reason to have my email address. Obviously their camps are being run and kids get ice time, but if someone really wants to see my kid somewhere, I assume they will give me a call or send a personal email, because I am not gonna drive my kid to Sioux City Iowa for a 5 day camp.