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Tiggsy wrote:

So let’s get back to a less controversial topic. :)

I have probably asked this before to the group but it’s getting more real now so thought I’d throw it out one more time. Jr. is in his last year of bantams. What are some good off season options to get him ready for high school tryouts? His high school does have a program in July that lasts a few weeks but to me that doesn’t seem like enough. He’s going into a pretty competitive class A school and wants to be as ready as possible without bankrupting us. I think he has set a reasonable goal of getting a JV spot next year with a chance to suit up for varsity occasionally.

AAA is around but it seems way to expensive and travel heavy for what you get from what I can see. What else is out there?

There used to be some open ice options around the area but it’s been a while since I’ve looked for anything like this. There could also be some summer leagues that are not AAA expensive as options, too. Maybe someone in a HS program or someone who’s played in a Jr. Gold program has some ideas you could look into?