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MNGophers29 wrote:

I am at the point with everything that we just really don’t know what we don’t know. Everyone has opinions and studies that will fit their narrative, its the beauty of the time we live in and the internet.

That being said, North Dakota has been back playing games since December 14th (practicing since 11/30) without masks on the ice. Coaches have been wearing them and honestly, I am impressed that every one I have seen is keeping them on. Cases have steadily declined in North Dakota, which at one time was the darling of the media and certain folks scoffing at our loosened restrictions. Parents are still congregating at hotels too and with each other. This winter the weather has been mild so there has been more “tailgating” than previous Januarys. Since then the positive rate for the 15-19 age group has been really low, but the 14 and under group it really drops off so I am not sure making them wear masks would prevent much anyway. Not sure what MN’s #s look like, I am to lazy to look right now.

I think only time will tell which precautions worked and which ones didn’t. I am good doing whatever needed so they can play. I did talk to a co-worker in Duluth and after the first practice of his kid’s mask getting wet and giving that waterboarding sensation (to a small degree) he went and ordered one that fits over the mask and I have hear those work well.

In MN the 15-19 age group has similar number of total cases to the age groups above them all the way to the 60-64 year olds.

The 10-14 age group is half the total number and the younger kids have less. But this is likely due to the fact that young kids barely show symptoms so most don’t get tested. My kids had only minor symptoms for 2 days. My neighbors across the street tested their family because they played outside with my kids. Two of their five kids tested positive and both were asymptomatic.