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Bertogliat wrote:

g-manpuck wrote:

The youth/high school sports mask debate is complete bunk when you look at hockey and basketball have to wear a mask at all times but wrestling only when they walk in and out of the building for practice and while not on the mat competing at a dual meet. Why is that? Why the two rules? And the MDH “choking hazard” explanation doesn’t count. Like my son told me, “there isn’t a second go by in a wrestling match where someone isn’t putting their hands in your face or sliding your face across the mat”, so a mask wouldn’t have a chance to stay in place during practice or a match.

It sounds like you answered your own question.

Okay…didn’t want to go here but your post makes it clear you missed the point. Since Covid is so bad that the other sports have to wear a mask at all times…why is wrestling allowed to happen without masks at all? Why the two rules? And to be 100% clear…I am not advocating that wrestling must happen at all costs.