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Thomps wrote:

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They work (no not 100% but every little bit helps):


I would love to see how the testing was performed and the particle counts. If they put the sensor directly in front of the source, then I can see why they numbers for filtration are high. They should be testing above on the sides, above and below as well. With no seals on masks,the physics says the particles will take the path of least resistance, which is out the sides/top/bottom. https://youtu.be/g_bM1y1IpJY

[mention]Thomps[/mention] I know you’re trying to be helpful here… but this isn’t trying to provide a solution for a BSL 3 facility. This is a best effort to do something to mitigate the risk and allow some benefits. I think the case that Dr. Bill Morice first referenced that masks can be helpful was about the hair salon where their mitigation efforts maybe have an impact.


Here is more from him:


I don’t think there are going to be many prospective studies approved that expose people to covid under different conditions, so all we’re left with is retrospective analaysis.