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YoungEagle wrote:

davescharf wrote:

The two most boring drives in my opinion are I-80 west of Lincoln and I-70 west of Topeka. I used to drive from Denver to Omaha a lot and it sucked.

The prettiest drives I’ve seen are Glenwood Canyon in western Colorado and the north shore of Lake Huron between Sudbury and Toronto. Outside of North America near any roads through the Alps would qualify as amazing as well but I always loved the drive from Munich to Salzburg

Couldn’t agree more on the Omaha to Denver drive… man even when you cross the state line in CO it’s 3 more hours before anything interesting.. still.. it’s worth it to ski in CO.

Blue Ridge Pkwy is very pretty. I took a train along the coast in the south of France.. yeah that didn’t suck. I’ve heard the Cali Coast Rd. (Hwy 1?) is supposed to be fantastic.

I joke with people that all you see out there are semis, cattle, and that stupid museum they built over I80.

At least once you get near Denver the view makes up for the hell of the views of Nebraska