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gopherguy13 wrote:

Bladepuller wrote:

Any road I am on with a motorcycle is a good road except I39. I came back from riding the Skyline & Blue Ridge Parkways to to the Smokies. Stayed the 1st night just this side of Indy. It was 100 degrees + as I rode north. @HockeyBum is dead on. Boring.

In so far as AZ driving.

US 54 from Wichita to Tucumcari is bad too. It is better the closer you get to I40 / NM but it shaves a couple of hours off taking I35 to I40.

In AZ 89 A ( Back road from Flagstaff to Sedona & thru Cottonwood & Jerome to Prescott) is a blast.

Lots of great roads in AZ. Get down to Bisbee if you can.

89A is a great drive! We go down to Phoenix every year, so one year we did a day trip to Jerome and Sedona. Beautiful part of the country!

My parents are huge Eagles fans. So they want to stand on a corner in Winslow, AZ :lol:

Plan from Colorado Springs is to go I-25 south through Santa Fe, and catch I-40 in Albuquerque, to Winslow and Flagstaff, then I-17 south into Phoenix

I stayed in a motel in Winslow in 1989 that was $15 a night. And it was overpriced. :lol: