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Greyeagle wrote:

The PCH from The 10 north to San Francisco is spectacular and I definitely want to do the chunk from San Fran north to Seattle someday.

I’d say the Going To the Sun Road in Glacier NP is the best of the best IMHO. Just about any mountain drive is awesome. Loveland Pass, the road to Mt. Polymer, Blue Ridge Parkway also jump to mind as being great drives.

I love road trips and don’t really mind what some would call boring drives, I’m weird that way. :)

Yeah I’m weirdly kind of looking forward to it. We drive 10 hours north into Canada every summer to do a fly in fishing trip, and I don’t really kind that drive, so I’m thinking I will enjoy it! I’m hoping Colorado and the mountains in the middle of April will provide some good sites.

I was talking to my uncle and cousin about it and they said driving through northern Arizona is pretty scenic, as well.