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Looks like PHL snuck over 33 million in 2019. Not sure how often they adjust those lists. And I suspect Karlsson has it right on why MSP has such a high passenger count. I suspect part of it is that a lot of the business travel for people into/out of Philadelphia is by train (about a 90 minute Amtrak trip to NYC)

Philly was a hub for US Air before it was bought out by American. I wonder if it lost traffic after the merger. That said, there are a lot of airports near Philly so that likely accounts for less traffic.

I’d have to say the ranking of PHL last in airport rankings is well deserved. It’s always been a dump. Small/cramped gate areas, electrical outlets that don’t work, dirty stained carpet. The maintenance budget for passenger areas must be about $17.

PHL is still an American hub…it’s just serviced by mostly regional traffic.

I hate to say that people around here need to listen to a North Dakota fan… but in this case, they really do. :mrgreen:

Good to see you around these parts again, MNS

What can I say…midnight shift can get quiet. Even reading basketball and soccer threads. :)