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I am currently in Africa, but managed to read GPL for the opening Gopher game. The lengths we fans go to for our team!

Africa has been a dream, almost a full month, we return the 14th. Botswana, Kenya and now Tanzania with brief stops at each end in South Africa. The animals are amazing and are so close. We’ve watched lions eating a zebra from less then 15 feet. Elephants walk right by our open LandCrusier. A giraffe almost stuck its head in our vehicle! It’s spring in this region, so lots of baby animals OR lots of mating. My observation: male lions get a gold star for frequency (often 4-5 times in an hour) but a black check mark on duration (less then 10 seconds). It is definitely quantity over quality :biggrin2:

The people are open, friendly, culturally hospitable. Covid hit the tourism industry very hard, our first camp had just opened after being closed almost a year and they only had 2 tents occupied. Most days we’ve felt that we’ve had the entire place to ourselves and rarely see another vehicle. Each and every one of our guides has been professional, funny and great fun to talk to.

But it’s been a long trip and with just a few days left we are both looking forward to getting home to our own bed, cooking for ourselves and rehashing memories.

And on a bonus note, per my tag line below…the road in Africa isn’t paved at all! I’ve gotten a core workout just staying upright and in my seat.