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Has anyone ever been to Singapore? I read things about how strict they are about cleanliness and their different laws (i.e. no gum chewing allowed). Just wondering what it’s like from anyone who has actually been there.


It’s very clean and I didn’t step on any gum nor did I take a chance on chewing any. :) Didn’t spit, either.

If you’re thinking of going I can’t recommend enough, fantastic place to visit. The Hawker food is unbelievably good and inexpensive.

Their metro is easy to navigate, never felt concerned about safety, and I found the people to be extremely friendly and fun to chat with.

I agree with everything GE says. The thing that’s really interesting to me about Singapore is how wealthy and lower classes are mixed together.

For example because of all the Chinese who come there to shop there are 3 Prada stores within a block of each other. They are surrounded by their version of WalMart (or that like) as on the other side other designers that make Prada look like WalMart in comparison.

I recently moved here, ask me anything 😆